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Exodus is the theme of the ai livestream session i exhibited in fondazione morra greco during the four days of Desina Festival in Naples, italy.

in this interactive and site-specific installation, the audience passing through the room is reflected as a crowd of displaced people fleeing from their land because of war, famine and extreme weather conditions.

the technology behind this installation captures the surrounding environment through a camera and returns a real-time interpretation of it which is mediated by the labile coherence of a.i.
the reinterpreted images are then fed back into the environment on a projected wall.

the audience moving through the space becomes an integral part and the engine of the performance itself. the final result has the role of a sentient mirror observing our reality and showing back a fleeting and mutating reflection of it, in which the audience is called to identify.

the dialogue between human and machine therefore becomes an exchange, an oracular interrogation.

the Sound design completing the installation has been made by layering stretched recordings of bombings and muezzin call to prayers which, also stretched, resemble the sound of alarm sirens.