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While NFT (Neural Failure Treatment) reality affirmed itself over the internet as the final frontier
of digital hyperpartecipation, promising a huge opportunity for artists to monetize their creations,
the delusional gold rush which ensued revealed in a new guise the same logic of oppression that
pyramidalizes to an already constituted Olympus the opportunity of expression.

The result is a compulsive, dissatisfied mass trying at any cost
to enter in those golden doors, gasping for a shred of cryptoair.


DeFND Inc. is proud to present the first ever pharmaceutical solution
to stop Hype-related diseases.

The use of DeHyper™ should be considered if the patient experiences:

· F.O.M.O. Related Insomnia
· Countdown Anxiety
· Shilling Disorder
· Critical thinking system failure

DeHyper™ could be hard to digest.